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The names of the Hose Guard

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The names of the Hose Guard


Qinghe Great Wall Co., produces Hose Guard for many years, and export directory to many countries. In our export business, we find people whom come from different area call this product in some different names.


In South America, people like to call it Hose Protector or Spiral Hose Protector; some times they add the application products in ahead like Hydraulic Hose Protector, oil tube protector and so on. But the main word of the name you will see “Protector”.


In Southeast Asia, people like to call it Spiral Sleeve or Protective Sleeve, the main word is “Sleeve”. And in Australia, the name is Spiral Guard or Spiral Hose Guard.


There are others names in areas in the world, what is the product? It is made in plastic, maybe PP, maybe PE or Nylon, whatever, it used in wrapping on the hoses, tubes, pipes, cables, protecting them from damage. The Spiral refers to this kind of product appearance, and Guard or Protector refers to this kind of product function.


If you demand this product, please do not confuse its name, just get what you need.

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