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Customize Highly Attrition Resistant Spiral Guard for Australian Customer

Number of visits: Date:2016-03-29

An Australian customer sent to me email last month, would like to place an order for some good quality mining Spiral Guard, special instructions, he bought some plastic spiral guard other Chinese factory before, but it was loose and can't be used in short time, with the words of our professional point is the elasticity is very bad.

This client uses spiral hose guard to wrap some hydraulic hoses together. The function is hose is not messy used under the mine and it will protect hose from the stones strike damage. So if you use substandard quality spiral hose guard, the elasticity will be smaller to wrap the hoses poorly.

We recommend him to try our material, and made spiral hose guard according to his sample. After our Australian customer’s testing, our spiral guard is proved to completely meet the requirements. They give us a high praise for our professional production and services.

Qinghe Great Wall Co. welcomes customers to customize spiral guard according to your requirements. We has been doing our best to help customers solve problems!

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